UK Market Entry

UK Market Entry

We specialize in helping businesses enter and succeed
in the UK market by providing comprehensive
market research and tailored go-to-market strategies

Why market research is important?

Maintain a Customer Centric Approach

Segmentation - Targeting - Positioning

Connect with your Audience

Reach out your target audience with right channel and right content

Identify Opportunities for Growth

Unreached Segments, product adaptation, and business partnership

Reduce Risks by Testing Concept

%95 of business are failure without market research while entering the market.

Compete More Effectively

Understanding your customers better to engage them more effectively.

Stay on Top of Trends

It's really important to up to date your market knowledge to compete in the market.

Market Research to G2M

Primary Research

Meaningful and verified data is important to make a decision. Primary research involves collecting a data directly from the sources.

Secondary Research

It involves using data that already exists and is at your disposal for market research purposes. We use different 3rd party sources like Ipsos, Gartner, Statista, Forrester, Trustpilot, G2 etc.

Several Methods for Gathering Valuable Data

Expert Interviews

A one-to-one interviews from different sectors and stakeholders to gather detailed insights.


Ask your target audiences to provide a fast and simple way of reaching a large audience and collecting their feedback.

Focus Groups

Focus groups test your product, provide feedback, answer questions, etc. with a small group of participants.

Field Trials

Test and learning process in the field and getting outcome in this process to adapt product / services.


Watching people from your target audience interact with products, services, marketing assets.

Industry Statistics

We use industry statistics, government collected data, company reports to verify data.

Ready to take your business to enter UK Market?

We have been working with the Digipac Team more than 2 years, we entered the UK market with the insights of the expert interviews

Banu Küçükel
President at Guven Health Group

Studio+ and Digipac have partnered together on several projects. Digipac's approach has been very smooth and easy to follow. During the project they identified new partnership and growth opportunities in the UK market.

Nilay Aydoğan
Founding Partner & CEO at Studio+