Logo Isbasi x Digipac Success Story


In a world where market dynamics are ever-shifting, it’s crucial to have a clear roadmap for market entry and growth in the new market. This case study sheds light on how a market research project led by Digipac provided Logo with the insights needed for its UK market entry strategy and product roadmap. Through accountant interviews, semi-business discussions, partnership meetings, and product tests with the target audiences, we defined a target audience and unique selling points for Logo Isbasi. Through an extensive competitor analysis, we have crafted a tailored product roadmap and robust go-to-market strategy that aligns with Logo Isbasi’s objectives.

Developed a tailored product roadmap and comprehensive go-to-market strategy for Logo’s successful entry into the UK market.

Gathered valuable insights from accountants and micro-business owners to refine Logo’s product and positioning in the UK.

About Logo Isbasi

Established in 1984, Logo Software, a major independent Turkish software company, specializes in high-end information technologies. With over 85,000 active customers across 45 countries, 1,000+ employees, and 800+ business partners, Logo is a global player.

Logo İşbaşı, a division of Logo, holds a significant position as Turkey’s largest local software company. With a remarkable 30% market share, it dominates the bookkeeping sector through its innovative product, Logo İşbaşı.



Logo Isbasi needed to navigate a blurred target audience and uncertainty in adapting its product for the UK market. The successful unique selling propositions (USPs) in Turkey might not directly apply, so our market research project hones in on defining UK target audiences and clarifying the product roadmap.

Accountant Interviews
Micro Business Meetings
Competitor Meetings


To address the challenges at hand, Digipac implemented a robust strategy. We conducted five interviews with experienced UK accountants, gaining insights into market knowledge, regulations, and valuable feedback on Logo Isbasi’s product. Additionally, engaging in three micro-business meetings allowed us to understand the unique needs of small enterprises and how they utilise accountancy services. Rigorous product tests, involving both accountants and the target audience, provided invaluable feedback, enabling us to enhance user experience and refine the product roadmap for the UK market. A thorough competitor analysis, identifying Xero and Quickbox as major players, involved detailed scrutiny of products, features, value propositions, target audiences, market share, and pricing.



The partnership between Logo and Digipac yielded remarkable results. A product roadmap was developed, ensuring the adaptation of Logo’s product to the UK market. This process also led to a clear definition of the unique selling propositions and the identification of the target audience in the UK. By conducting five in-depth accountant interviews, three competitor meetings, organising two productive partnership meetings, and conducting product tests with the target audience, we successfully defined a target audience and articulated unique selling points for Logo Isbasi. This, combined with a thorough competitor analysis, enabled us to develop a bespoke product roadmap and a robust go-to-market strategy meticulously aligned with Logo Isbasi’s objectives, providing a one-year roadmap for successful market entry and growth.


“Recognizing the pivotal role of expert interviews, we took strategic steps forward in refining our product roadmap and positioning. Thanks to comprehensive market research and go-to-market strategy with the Digipac team, we now possess a deeper understanding of our competitors’ products. This invaluable insight empowered us to fine-tune our product roadmap, placing us in a much stronger position with a unique selling point. We eagerly anticipate our continued partnership with Digipac as we navigate our growth journey in the dynamic UK market.”


Sermet Fulser